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Bhagwadgita Chapter 4

[ GyanaKarmaSanyas Yoga] , Shloka [ verse] no 17 is about Karma

                               Meaning of above Verses No 17 [ Shloka] from chapter 4 of Bhagawadgita

Bhagawan ShreeKrishna says to Arjuna, “Unfathomable are the ways of Karma. You must understand the nature of all three Karmas —recommended action, wrong action, and inaction. The truth about these is profound and necessary to understand “.

 Elaborate meaning of above –

Karma has been divided by Lord Shree Krishna into three categories—action (karm), forbidden action (vikarm), and inaction- remaining silent (akarm).

Action. Karm is auspicious actions recommended by the scriptures for regulating the senses and purifying the mind.

Forbidden action. Vikarm is inauspicious actions prohibited by the scriptures since they are detrimental and result in degradation of the soul.

(Spiritual ) Inaction. Akarm is actions that are performed without attachment to the results, merely for the pleasure of God. They neither have
any karmic reactions nor do they entangle the soul.

Lord Krishna says to Arjuna in above verse , that Unfathomable & mystic are the ways of Karma. It is very important to 

discriminate our actions. Where to act , where not to act , which actions to avoid are very important to know. Human has

to go through joy and sorrow, it is nothing but effects of its own Karma !


Meaning of above verse with reference to the use of  Astrology and Vastu in 21st Century

Humans horoscope is the balance sheet of past life good and bad deeds, which we have to deal in this Life.  This is effectively what the Law of Karma means: It is the Law of Cause and Effect, very similar to Sir Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Motion, which states that for every action there is an equal or opposite reaction. The Law of Karma has a very significant contribution to an individual. Human’s horoscope is the balance sheet of natives past life good & bad karmas. So without understanding that, it will be difficult to move on correct direction in this complex 21st Century. Human life is combination of destiny & freewill.

Which areas in our life are Fixed destiny & which things are freewill? 

Here astrology concepts plays its role. In every human’s birth horoscope 9 planets are indicated as per natives birth time, but our mother earth is not shown in horoscope. As we are staying itself on this mother Earth! 

But Earth element [ Bhoomi Tattava] gives good or bad effects through Vastu i.e the home we are staying or the office , where we work. Thus the Astrology & Vastu , which are part of Vedangas [ ancillary studies for the Vedas]. Both has connection with the Karma theory. 

Human is the only species on earth, whom the God has given certain percentage of freewill. Karma theory is the base of all Vedas and Vedangas. Unfortunately , karma factor somehow was ignored in use and study of Astrology & Vastu!  By taking expert guidance in that ,We can use effectively astrology & vastu concepts in relation with Karmas, to make our life more happy in this challenging, competitive & complex 21st Century! 

Holistic Approach
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Honest Guidance

Human Life is combination of freewill & destiny, to shape our future one can make use of vedic astrology & vastu in proper way with expert's advice and keep doing efforts in proper direction ....this is the true KarmaYoga for this 21stCentury!

Holistic Approach
Trusted Brand
Honest Guidance

Astrology for guidance & Vaastu for happiness.....!

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