Q.1  What is different about 21stcenturyAstrovastu.com ?

 Ans – We believe in holistic approach; our base is
Vedic but same time we respect modern technology and medical science.

And even the Great Sage Parashra mentioned in his astrology literature that we should use all astrology principles/ sutras considering Desha[ Region ],  Kaal [ Time]  &  Patra [ Native]. So we cannot use just theoretical Jyotish [astrology] concepts in this 21st century. 

e.g. Rahu energy is more powerful & behaves differently in today’s age as compare to 100 years back. We must consider the 21st century’s social aspect in applying astrology and Vastu Vedic principles.

Q. 2. Is there any connection between Astrology and Vastu ?

 Ans- If you study both separately, then you may not find any connection between them. But when we study as per considering the 5 elements [Pancha Mahabhootas] like the way our great Vedic sages had studied it, both Astrology and Vastu are interconnected. If we study it separately, there are chances that our guidance may go wrong.

Q.3. If bad period is going on as per astrology Dasha’s , then is Vastu consulting will be of any use ?

Ans-  Yes, of course.

If bad period of person is going on & native consult us. Then we help them to make vastu energy wise positive. By doing this, the intensity of bad planetary effect is minimized effectively. That is why to understand above; astrological chart of native along with native’s home floor plan with direction. Both Astro plus Vastu analysis is necessary. 

Q.4. Some people they just focus on Vastu corrections, and spend huge amount on it. But still why they are not able to get any good

Ans-   As I told you, just Vastu corrections will help them only in small way.     

In human life all the happiness and sorrows, Karma is the main aspect behind it, and that we can understand only with help of Vedic astrology concepts.  So without understanding the karma effect; just focusing on vastu corrections will result only in temporary effect.              

 In 21st century human life is complex; hence we have to use holistic approach.

Q. 5.  If as per astrology, person is going through very good period, then what is the use of Vastu Consulting?

Ans-  No, it is not like that. In above case, person will able to get more success, his quality of life will be enhanced more as his
good planetary period with positive vastu will attract double positive energy in his life. Vedic Vastu balances the 5 great elements around you even if in your horoscope any particular element is damaged by bad planets.

Q. 6. What is role of Karma in above?

Ans- Karma is main aspect, which is unfortunately forgotten in recent years while studying astrology &  vastu.

On this earth God, the creator has given some percentage of freewill [Kriyaman Karma] only to humans. Hence to get maximum from astrology and Vastu , we must focus on doing good Kriyaman karma [ Karma which human can change],
otherwise just astrology or vastu will not help you. You will just end up in spending your hard-earned money and wasting your valuable time. 

Q.7 . In this modern 21st century , when NASA is sending its spacecraft to Mars and other planets, How much of Vedic astrology & Vastu useful ?  

In modern 21st century use of Vedic Astro Vastu principles ; is it just waste of time ?

Ans-  It is good that , NASA is continuously doing research of orbit, space and planets.

Horoscope has its effects due to planets are in continuous motion in the sky, these space craft are not going to stop that natural moving motion of planets in the universe.

Our great Vedic sages were not just spiritual, they were great Vedic era scientist. Our great sages have done many researches in Vedic area. Which were accurate as per modern scientific view.

Just to give example- Moon is responsible for High tide & Low tide on earth, this was discovered by our great sages in our Vedic era, which was confirmed by modern scientist in recent years. Same ways other planets are also emitting its rays , which has some impact on human body, mind & soul.

Q.8. Everything is pre-destined ?

Ans- No, not at all. There is some amount of freewill available only to humans. Because on earth , humans brain is the most developed brain among all other species and animals.

That’s why all great saints have said that Human birth is precious, we should make maximum use of it by understanding & rectifying our Karmic pattern.

Q.9 What is 21stcenturyAstrovastu ?

Ans- It is a Vedic astrology and Vedic Vastu Consulting website, founded by Manoj Chandrakant Sanjivani Sathe. Which use a New Karma based holistic approach to improve the quality of Life of native.

Q.10. If I pay for any service, who will be serving me?

Ans- All services will be served by Manoj Chandrakant Sanjivani Sathe in a stipulated time.

Q.11. What will be the mode of paid services on this website?

Ans- Mode of service will be Email or Telecall, depending on service you have selected and paid for.

And personal paid Vastu Home/ Office consulting visits of Manoj Chandrakant Sanjivani Sathe, will be subject to his availability. 

Q.12. What will be the mode of Payment?

Ans For all services , as of now you can pay either through direct Online banking transfer mode or Google Pay.

Bank drafts/Money orders etc. are not accepted. 

[ Payment details will be shared to you on WhatsApp]


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