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Receiving blessings from Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankarji, the founder of Art of Living Foundation
                                                                                   /// Om Gam Ganpataye Namha ///

Welcome to my website!
This is AstroVastu Consultant Manoj Sathe from Mumbai, INDIA . I was born in an educated family from Mumbai in which there was a right balance between Vedic heritage & modern scientific outlook.
I have done my bachelors degree in Science specialized in Statistics and also completed a full time Post Graduate degree course MBA in Human Resources. I am an avid reader , keen observer & dedicated learner with passion for deep knowledge.
During my college days, I had developed interest in Palmistry, Graphology [science of handwriting analysis] as well as Vedic Philosophy.
Later years while working in corporate world in Recruitment & Training Sector, I have developed keen interest in Human Behavior and effects of karmas.
I discovered many interesting patterns in human behavior/personality traits and also tried to analyse why one has to go through ups and downs in life.
To understand the answers about life, I decided to pursue my study in occult sciences mainly Vedic Astrology and Vedic Vastu. I developed keen interest in occult studies which lead me to study more in depth about Vedic astrology and its relation to Karma.
To understand the Karma theory & Vedic astrology/Vastu deeply, I read and studied the ancient texts mainly the Holy Bhagavad-Gita, Yoga Vasistha, Srimad Bhagavatam ,BPHS [ Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra], Jaimini Sutras , Vastu classics [ such as Maymatam , Mansara, Vishwakarma Prakash , ManushyalayaChandrika ] etc. 

Also I have read and studied  the motivational & mind related books from modern great authors/speakers such as Steven Covey, Dale Carnegie, Norman Vincent Peale , Rhonda Byrne, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Sunil Kale etc.  

                                                        In the last  10 years, I have done study of thousands of horoscopes, plenty of flats & offices layout for Vastu. And thought of using a holistic approach to improve the quality of Life of humans in this challenging, complex , competitive & vibrant 21st Century by developing website for Online Consulting and named it  21stCenturyAstroVastu.com
In my consultations, I use Graphology ,Numerlogy, Vedic Vastu,Parashari & Jaimini Concepts and also finer branches of astrology like Nadi Astrology principles, DNA astrology, Pransna Sahstra etc along with modern concepts of positive thinking , law of attraction , visualization & positive affirmations techniques etc.
I have been very fortunate to get many teachers in my Astro vastu journey. I am also fortunate to get blessings from living spritual masters.  
With blessings of my Gothra Sage” Maharshi Vasistha” , Kuladevatas,  AdiShakti ShreeMarubai Gavdevi ,all my Guru’s and my parents, I am sincerely offering my consultations with the main objective of improving the quality of Life of natives by holistic approach which is much needed in today’s complex 21st century’s human Life !

The USP or uniqueness of this website consulting  [ Unique Selling preposition]  is remedies and solutions given after consultation are simple , economical & powerful having combination of Vedic concepts and modern scientific approach ! 

Astrology for guidance and vastu for happiness!
The Karma based new holistic approach for 21st century!
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